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  Frequently Asked Questions  
  How do I find my nearest carer?  
  Whilst we complete this web site please Contact Us or complete the Booking form to find your nearest carer. Soon we will have an online postcode check facility to find your nearest carer.  
  Are all dogs suitable for home boarding?  
  No, we are only able to look after family friendly dogs and dogs that are completely non aggressive. We prefer not to take puppies or large boisterous dogs unless they are very obedient. Dogs also need to be house trained and as an owner you need to be sure that your dog will not chew furniture or other household objects.  
  Tell me about the carers  
  All our carers love dogs, and have been visited at home to insure they are suitable. They must be at home for most of the day, have a secure garden and have previous pet owning experience or currently have a dog of their own. Some are retired, some have families but they are all dedicated to looking after your dog.  
  Can I meet the carer before hand?  
  Yes, as soon as we have found you a suitable local carer, you will be given their details to arrange a visit. If for whatever reason, you are not happy with the carer we have chosen for you, we can look for an alternative or provided you have notified us in plenty of time, you will be given a full refund of your deposit.  
  I have more than 1 dog, is that okay?  
  Yes. Some Carer’s can accommodate up to 3 dogs.  


  How do I pay?  
  When you submit a Booking Form to us, a Booking Fee will be taken over the phone or you can send a cheque. We are now also able to offer the facility for you to pay the Booking Fee securely online by debit card, credit card or through a PayPal account. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by debit or credit card. The Booking Fee is £9 per day for 1 dog, £12 per day for 2 dogs, £14 per day for 3 dogs. The rest of the balance needs to be paid to your Carer when you drop your dog off. Please see our Prices for more information.  
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  Does my dog need to be vaccinated?  
  Yes. Your dog should be up to date with vaccinations as well as worming and flea treatments before handing over to your carer.  
  What should I provide for my dog?  
  Everything that your dog will need to have a happy stay. Bed, bowl, chews, lead, biscuits, toys etc.., and you must supply enough food for the whole duration of your dog’s stay. It is often a good idea to provide the carer with information on your dog’s feeding preferences . If your dog is on medication or requires injections, please let us know when the booking is made so we can inform your Carer.  
  What happens if my dog is ill whilst I am away?  
  We ask you to provide details of your preferred vet, which we will always use where possible. If this isn’t possible due to transport problems or distance, we will use a vet of our choice and any vet or transport fees will be reclaimed on your return.  
  Are the Carer’s licensed by the Local Council?  
  All Local Councils have different rules and regulations concerning licensing. Some license each individual carer and some don’t license at all. All our Carer’s that are required to be licensed, have been.  
  What happens if a Carer experiences problems with my dog?  
  If the carer wants your dog removed for any reason, in the first instance, we will arrange for another Carer to look after your dog. If this is not possible, your dog will be placed in a kennel until your return and you will need to settle your bill with them accordingly.  
  Please note: there is a £25 fee to move a dog from one carer to another or to a kennel.  
  If I cancel my booking, will I lose my booking fee?  
  If you give 2 weeks notice or less, you will lose 100% of your booking fee. If you give 2-3 weeks notice, 50% of your booking fee will be lost. However, if you give us more than 3 weeks notice, only a flat fee of £18 will be charged. If you decide to pick up your dog a few days early, there will be no refund given.  
  If you do not turn up for a booking or give us less than 24 hours notice of cancellation, the full booking amount and fee for the carer will be due.  
  Is there a minimum stay?  
  Yes, you must book 3 days or more with us. However, if you have a regular Carer, they may be happy to look after your dog for shorter periods with little notice.  
  Can I book with my Carer without contacting HRH Dog Boarding?  
  No. HRH Dog Boarding is fully insured, but your Carer is NOT. All bookings must be booked through us. Anyone found trying to book with a Carer without arranging it through HRH Dog Boarding will be removed from our register.  
  I'm looking for a dog walker and someone to look after my other pets - can you help?  
  Please visit our links page Here we have links to some other sites and services that may be of use to you.